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ACTIVE.AI has been chosen in the list of India's most innovative startups for 2018


Conversational AI capabilities with unified payments interface solutionsat the launch of APIX Network during the Singapore Fintech Festival 2018


Active.Ai is Cool Vendor

in AI for Fintech in Asia / Pacific 2018

By Gartner

“Financial services focused ontology”

“Deep understanding across a broad range of use cases in social, apps and web channels”

“On-premises deployment for FSI security”

“Predictive and proactive ability to handle "small talk," financial queries and transactions”

“Ability to handle native Southeast Asian languages of Thai, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia”

Gartner Cool Vendor - Active.Ai

We Won at AI Summit SG

For the TechXLR8 Asia Awards 2018

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AI Awards - Active.Ai

Crafting Intelligent Micro conversations

Enterprise Ai platform for financial services

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Our AI Experience Principle

Building Contextual, Predictive & Personalised Experience at every level of customer journey

Speaking the language of the future

We create conversational AI for the digital world

Voice + Web SDK + Mobile

Voice + Web SDK + Mobile

Today’s customers prefer engagement via unstructured micro-conversations for financial services. Active.Ai empowers banks and other financial institutions to intuitively and intelligently engage customers on mobile, chat, or voice-enabled IoT devices using Artificial Intelligence.



We help build the bank of the future with Triniti's enterprise solution services for Out-of-the-Box support for CASA, Cards, Loans, Deposits, Transfers, Payments, Recharges, Service Requests, PFM, Virtual Agent, Rewards, Leads Generation. Retail Banking will never be the same.

We also manage and build low cost, customer centric digital channels with Out-of-the-Box support for Current Accounts, Loans, Trade Finance, Treasury, Transfers, Payments, Service Requests, Virtual Agent, Leads Generation for Corporate and SMB Banking.



To succeed in the next decade’s markets, insurance companies need to rapidly move from pricing based on the likely behavior of categories to pricing based on the actual behavior of individuals.

Our customer experience with Out-of-the-Box support for Origination, Claims Processing, Policy Management, Premium Payments, Service Requests and Virtual Agent enables our partners to best harness the AI to improve from their overall customer on-boarding to claim management process.

Capital Markets

Capital Markets

We believe strongly in differentiating the capital market businesses and create value for our clients. Our AI transformative nature is its ability to learn and leverage AI capabilities to augment human intelligence and improve decision making.

We build the next generation brokerage with Out-of-the-Box Support for Stock Quotes, Market Information, Portfolio, Orders, Equities, Mutual funds, Service Requests, Virtual Agent and Origination. This creates new opportunities for capital markets firms to not only cut costs, but to add value for clients, employees and other stakeholders across the organization.

Omni Connector AI Platform

Our Omni Connector AI Platform combines specialised solutions using AI and NLP to deliver seamless conversational interactions to provide financial services across various distribution channels.

How it works

Conversations are complex and with our Triniti Engine, we have built a sound methodology to understand the language (multi-lingual) and the context to deliver intelligent response in a natural and familiar way. Know More

Context Sensitive Spelling Correction & Acronym Expansion

Context Sensitive Spelling Correction & Acronym Expansion

Corrects misspelt words based on user’s input. Knows not to correct names, nicknames etc. Expand and normalises acronyms like “acc” to account, “xfer” to transfer. Able to standardise forms like “CreditCard” to Credit Card.

Sentiment & Profanity Detection

Sentiment & Profanity Detection

Able to detect if the user’s current input is positive, neutral or negative. Detects if the user is being abusive and able to respond appropriately.



Responds to most commonly-used ‘small-talk’ or ‘chit-chat’ that users have with bots.

saving account bal 2:03 pm ✓
Sure, here are your Savings Account balances 2:03 pm ✓
Everyday Savings0-123584992-01
  • Available
  • $10,0412.01
  • Total
  • $10,200.50
View Transactions
Savings Plus0-123584992-02
  • Available
  • $50,2122.90
  • Total
  • $50,2122.90
View Transactions
tnx pls trf 500 to dad2:03 pm ✓
Okay, so I'll transfer $500 from your Everyday Savings Account 9201 to your Dad, yes?2:03 pm ✓
Yes2:03 pm ✓
Dad is now $500 richer thanks to you! Here are your transaction details. 2:03 pm ✓
Transaction Complete!
  • Payee
  • Anthony
  • Bank xxxxxx0021
  • Amount
  • $500.00
  • Debited From
  • Everyday Savings
  • 0-123584992-01
  • Ref. No.
  • TRF20180201920394
  • 02/01/2018 14:03:53
gr8 you're awesome 2:03 pm ✓
No problem =)2:03 pm ✓
Here comes the boring part.. pay my phone bill 2:03 pm ✓
Oh come on, you shouldn't feel bad about being responsible!2:03 pm ✓
Alright, should I pay your phone bill of $186 through your Everyday Savings Account too? 2:03 pm ✓
Okay pay only the minimum of 80 and yes pay from my savings pls 2:03 pm ✓
Got it.2:03 pm ✓
You're only paying the minimum of $80 for your phone bill of $186 using your Everyday Savings Account2:03 pm ✓
Yup thks2:03 pm ✓
No problem.2:03 pm ✓
By the way, if you use your savings account to pay $20 more to your phone bill(min. $100 spent), you'll receive a rebate of $10 on your next bill.2:03 pm ✓
Would you like to pay another $20?2:03 pm ✓
Wow I didnt know that.
Yes then2:03 pm ✓
Pay another $202:03 pm ✓
Done! You paid a total of $100 to your phone bill of $186. Only $86 is remaining.2:03 pm ✓
Transaction Complete!
  • Biller
  • Mobile Corp
  • Amount
  • $186.00
  • Debited From
  • Everyday Savings
  • 0-123584992-01
  • Ref. No.
  • BILL20180201920395
  • 02/01/2018 14:03:53
What can I do for you next?2:03 pm ✓
Thats it for now.. Thk u!2:03 pm ✓
Always welcomed! See you soon!2:03 pm ✓
Context Sensitive Spelling & Acronyms
Intent Classification

Intent Classification

Auto Calibrating Classifier that is tolerant to differences in instances of training data across intents, able to differentiate between FAQ and non-FAQ intelligently and detect adversity.

Entity & Modifier Extraction

Entity & Modifier Extraction

Highly Trainable with trainable entity linking and Auto Calibrating features. Able to extract entities with high precision and confidence. Extracts and links Modifiers like "from" and “to” to related entities. Able to extract modifiers that modify the complete intent, such as “minimum” in “Minimum Balance”.



Personalise engagements with customers via predictive conversational offers.

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